Pittsburgh Piano Lessons

Piano is an ideal instrument for everyone to learn, regardless of your age! Learning to play the piano creates a solid foundation from which all musical skills can build upon. At Sing Sing Sing!, we teach foundational skills ie learning to read music, find notes on the keyboard and other essential skills. We also teach improvisation which allows the student to creatively express themselves while learning valuable skills. We always infuse each piano lesson with joy and fun, of course! Along with the creating beautiful music, students also learn perseverance and discipline.

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Thank you so much to Angelo and the Sing Sing Sing family for all of your hard work and all the good you do for the community!! I couldn’t be more proud to know that my daughter is learning music and performance from the amazing teachers there!!! You truly do so much good.

  • Beth Goutmann

Melody Molinaro has been my vocal coach for three years and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Melody's knowledge of music spans all genres and generations. She is professional in her approach to music lessons while at the same time very nurturing and supportive.

  • Delphine Bigony

Melody is an amazing teacher and extremely talented musician. Our daughter is excited to practice and come to her lessons every week. Melody makes sure she continues to make progress and is very positive towards the goals our daughter has set for herself. We highly recommend her!

  • Kim Ford

My daughter has taken voice and guitar lessons from Melody for over 4 years. I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about her. Her knowledge, talent, and patience makes her an outstanding teacher.

  • Allison Huggins

I caught some of their students and instructors at a recent performance at Steamworks Creative! They really know how to teach!

  • Kevin Bold

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