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We are happy to provide online lessons for those who prefer/need them! Please call us at 724-502-4346 for more information or to schedule. 

Live Online Music Lessons

Pittsburgh Music Lessons

To ensure that EVERY student is able to partake in the joyful journey of music, we offer live online music lessons like: voice, guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele with exceptionally trained and passionate educators.  Our philosophy is to meet the student where they are, find joy in every lesson, and to foster and develop lifelong musicianship and personal development.  We are committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for all of our students, regardless of skill level or prior experience. 

Kait is extremely well organized and communicated very well during remote instruction. She utilized Google Docs with clear lesson plans, included YouTube videos for tutorials and play-alongs, and also made playing fun by including some of Grace’s interests, as well. Kaitlynn is absolutely INCREDIBLE.

  • Grace and Emily Robbibaro

Emmaline is a fun and energetic dance teacher. Her positivity is infectious, whether in person or remotely. Further, Penny and I joined several of Emmaline’s Facebook Live classes, and they were both informative and engaging.

  • Penny and Emily Robbibaro

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For more information or to schedule please call 724-502-4346 or complete form below.