Covid-19 Studio Safety Guidelines

We are excited to welcome back students and campers into our studio this summer! Please know that every effort is being made to provide a safe learning environment for our students. We will be using our larger rooms for lessons and rooms will be sanitized in accordance with CDC and local guidelines and will continue to be sanitized on a regular schedule by our Office Manager, Teaching Staff and Cleaning Staff.


Each student that enters Sing Sing Sing! for in-studio lessons or Summer Camps, will need to have the Waiver for Communicable Diseases completed by their parent or guardian, the waiver is attached here:  One form per family. Students over the age of 18 will need to complete the waiver themselves. We will have extra waiver copies available at the studio if needed, but advance completion would be very much appreciated! If your child is not feeling well or showing any signs of illness, please keep them home until they are well and symptom free. Students over 18, if you feel unwell, please cancel your lesson and contact us to reschedule.

Drop off and Pick up

You are free to park and walk your child to the door (masks are required) or, if you prefer, you may drop off your student and an adult will be available to greet your child.

Hand Sanitizer

Upon entering the building, each student (all ages) will be asked to use hand sanitizer at the door.  If the student stays for an additional lesson, they will be given additional hand sanitizer as they enter their next lesson. 

Instruction Guidelines

Teachers will wear masks unless precluded from doing so by a medical condition such as asthma.  Students are required to wear masks while at Sing Sing Sing! The CDC Guidelines suggest that Face coverings should NOT be placed on anyone who has trouble breathing.  This would include those with asthma.

We will be enforcing social distancing while instruction is being given. Summer Camp Attendees —Please realize it is not always possible to be 6 feet apart while learning dancing and filming videos although we will be doing everything possible to work within the social distance guidelines. As a visual reminder, we will be placing spacing tape marks on the floor. Should physical contact occur, we will maintain an adequate supply of hand sanitizer in each studio for use by students and teachers.


Please limit personal belongings brought into the studio - acceptable items: instrument, music, personal water bottle, and personal hand sanitizer.