Sing Sing Sing


Sing Sing Sing! came to life when the stars aligned bringing 2 kindred spirits together through the joy of singing. Recognizing, and bonding over, the empowering, magical impacts singing had on our own lives, we formed a strong belief that everyone CAN and SHOULD sing. Why? Because everyone deserves to feel this kind of empowerment. It can be life changing! 

This belief became our mission leading us to create SSS, a joyful place that provides empowering  experiences, education and  opportunities through singing and music. 

We decided the design of Sing Sing Sing! itself should match the joyful mission, which,  to us, meant glitter.. lots of glitter!

Glitter is beautiful and sparkly but also a metaphor to our mission. Once present, it spreads everywhere and it also is almost impossible to get rid of! Our glittered walls are symbolic of our hope that Sing Sing Sing! sparks the inner glitter of everyone who walks through our doors. Once that inner glitter is discovered, it spreads into so many areas of our students’ lives empowering them to sparkle and shine like the star they are!